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Discover a supportive and equitable divorce planning approach

Many people think that divorce begins and ends in a lawyer’s office. But there’s a better way—one that prioritizes each partners’ emotional and financial wellbeing. Our firm creates a safe and welcoming space for both spouses and builds financial plans that inspire confidence and clarity throughout this important life transition and beyond.

Our Mission

To support and guide individuals and couples through the divorce process by offering:

  • Comprehensive financial advice that brings organization and transparency to your money
  • Direction to unpack and understand emotions surrounding the divorce process, including settlement analysis
  • Confidence to walk into your new chapter based on your goals, values, and resources

Make An Amicable Divorce Achievable

Many couples want to approach divorce amicably but find themselves overwhelmed by the emotional and financial intricacies that come along with it. That’s where we come in. Divorce Planning Partners specializes in financial planning and mediation for couples looking to keep their divorce out of the courts. We focus on crafting a tailored experience, so both spouses walk away educated and empowered for financial and personal success.

Financial Security Through Divorce

Divorce introduces new financial challenges and considerations, like dividing property, debts, taxes, investments, spousal and child support, and ongoing expenses, making it paramount to work with a professional with the skills, training, and passion for helping couples think beyond the divorce date to the settlement’s long-term financial impacts. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Professional can help untangle the nuances, answer your most pressing questions, and work collaboratively to build a solution that considers the entire picture.

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