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Divorce Planning Services

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Achieving an amicable divorce certainly isn’t one size fits all. After all, there are many unique personal and financial considerations, depending on you are in the process. We seek to provide a kinder, gentler, more compassionate, and affordable way to help couples divorce. Moreover, we offer a wide array of divorce services to meet couples where they’re at in order to help achieve financial security to and through a divorce. 

Pre-Divorce Planning

Whether it’s spousal support, children and family dynamics, or personal and professional goals, there are many things that both you and your spouse need to consider to make a divorce smooth and equitable. 

During this stage, we’ll organize and discuss everything that will go into your divorce proceedings at length. Here, everyone will lay all of their cards face up, in order to prevent anyone from being surprised or left in the dark at any point through the process. 

Although untangling two lives can be complex, especially for couples who have been together a long time and have many different types of assets, we can help guide you through every step.

Divorce Planning

A point often overlooked in traditional divorce proceedings, the importance of securing long-term financial freedom is a hallmark goal for many. Your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Professional will help bring your finances front and center so the settlement can be a holistic representation of where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Together, we’ll compile your entire financial picture in detail, such as investments, retirement accounts, pensions, businesses, expenses, real estate, etc. We can help you structure a settlement that’s fair and tax-efficient, keeping more of your money working for you. What’s more, we can show you how a settlement will impact both your short and long-term financial future in an unbiased and supportive setting.

Professional Support

We support attorneys, mediators, therapists, and other divorce professionals by providing an independent and neutral view of the client’s financial situation.

Furthermore, our comprehensive services in combination with our highly accurate tools offer long-term financial projections, retirement plan valuation, support scenario comparisons, and negotiation tools, including child and spousal support guidelines.

Additionally, our work with attorneys can include trial consulting, expert testimony, and client relationship management.

We offer the following technical skills and analysis:

  • Preparation of net worth statements
  • Preparation of cash flow statements
  • Income available for support calculations
  • Marital standard of living and lifestyle analysis
  • Marital vs. separate property analysis
  • Pension valuation
  • Analysis of dependency exemptions, tax credits, & filing status decisions
  • Lump-sum spousal support buy-out analysis
  • QDRO preparation

Divorce Mediation

Mediation offers couples a way to keep their divorce out of the courts, and subsequently, approach the process from an amicable and equitable lens. Although mediation may look different for each person depending on their unique circumstances, needs and preferences, our firm offers in mediation in two ways: 

1. A neutral financial mediator for both parties with our without attorneys. In this case we offer creative settlement options and comprehensive financial analysis.

2. As a co-mediator in conjunction with an attorney or therapist to offer strategic settlement options as well as holistic financial strategies.

Post-Divorce Transition

Following the divorce, many questions can arise. For example, how can you consolidate your accounts? What do you need to do with your qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)? Undoubtedly, all of these moving pieces can be overwhelming. Whenever these questions arise, we’re here to help. 

Together we’ll complete all the terms in your settlement, and help ensure you don’t miss anything in order to receive the assets you’re entitled to. As a result, you’ll gain clarity and understanding for the bright future that lies ahead of you. Most importantly, you’ll start the next phase of life with confidence and control. 

Post-divorce services include:

  • Organization
  • Income & Expenses Plan
  • Professional Support Resources
  • QDRO Preparation and follow up
  • Investment Advice & Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education & College Savings Planning
  • Tax & Insurance Assessments
  • Estate Review
  • Online Credential Update

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Service Fees

Because we genuinely care about your financial and personal success, our payment structure is designed accordingly to empower you to get the support you need to make informed and healthy decisions moving forward.

Individual Services

Divorce Planning (individuals or couples) 
Depends on complexity & where you are in the process 

Mediation  $250 per hour (two hour minimum)

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Preparation  $650

PERA & FPPA DRO Preparation  $325

Pension Valuation  $425

Hourly Rate

$250 per hour.

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