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We’re passionate about educating people to help them make informed and intentional decisions concerning their divorce. On the blog, you’ll find answers to your most pressing divorce questions, industry insights, and thoughts on how you can make the divorce process as amicable as possible.

Life Insurance and Divorce

Maintenance payments stop upon the payer’s death. A simple way to protect future payments is to have the divorce decree stipulate that life

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Hidden Assets in Divorce

In the course of discovery (sharing documents and financial information with the opposing side), occasionally there is reason to believe information

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Excluding Real Estate Gains from Taxes

Before the Tax Relief Act 1997 (TRA ’97), if one spouse left the house two years before the divorce was final, they lost their ability to roll

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Concerns of the Older Divorcing Client

Here are some of the most common concerns of the older divorcing client: Limited Income—Many couples stay married because it’s just not

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Basis In Property

One of the most often missed topics in divorce planning is basis. Whether we’re talking about the house, stocks or other real estate, knowing the

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Spousal Support and Social Security Benefits

Occasionally we are involved in a divorce case with an individual or couple who is already receiving Social Security benefits. It is important to

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