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We’re passionate about educating people to help them make informed and intentional decisions concerning their divorce. On the blog, you’ll find answers to your most pressing divorce questions, industry insights, and thoughts on how you can make the divorce process as amicable as possible.

10 Things You Should Considering Adding to Your Parenting Plan

If you’re creating a parenting plan, now is an ideal time to comprehensively address issues affecting your child’s future. Imagining hypothetical

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Why Men Don’t Seek Support From Each Other During Divorce

My social media travels are filled with divorced or almost divorced women turning to each other for support and there is one thing you won’t find

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Valuation Methods For Real Property

When divorcing, should you obtain an appraisal or a Comparative Market Analysis? What’s the difference? The two most common methods for

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Stepfamily Life: Discussing Expectations Can Create Stronger Relationships

When it comes to stepfamily life, there’s often a glaring contrast between the reality of day-to day-life and your image of what it could be.

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5 Steps to Buying a House After Divorce

Divorce is a huge event in anyone’s life, and it’s not an easy thing to move on from. The months or years leading up to divorce, plus the drawn

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How to Plan For the Future When You Begin Divorce Proceedings

Getting a divorce can be a lengthy and complicated process, and it’s easy to end up just focusing on getting through it. But it’s important to

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How to Use Finances to Rebuild the New You

The end of a chapter doesn’t always have to be a bad thing — it can be an opportunity to start over and write an even better story than the last.

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How Divorce and Selling the Marital Home May Affect Capital Gains Taxes

Buying a new home is an exciting new beginning for married couples But, unfortunately, when the time comes to sell the house, the 4 sale sign may not

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How Financial Forgiveness Can Impact Your Divorce

The financial devastation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the development and implementation of several supportive programs under the

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